Arrows emerged in Naini lake, not a hint of nature anywhere.

Is today nature wreaking havoc with the coronavirus? Today this disease, caused by animals, has reached humans and now there is no cure for it at the moment. It is said that one day there is a time of extreme, perhaps it is the same day that nature is also tired to bear and now cruel form I am taking my revenge through the coronavirus. This morning, by nature itself, one of the views was seen in the famous lake of Nainital which has never been seen before. Sometimes we need a gesture so that we can improve things, make some symbol positive energy. It is very important to keep it, and the symbols are probably considered in every religion. In Naini Lake this morning the shape of an arrow was clearly cut off by itself, the arrow also It is as if something is pointing towards the border of Nainital, saying that any epidemic or outbreak should be kept away from this Devanagari. The arrow starting from the mother Naina Devi temple was seen going towards the Tallital bus stand. Seeing this, the local residents of Nainital are considering the arrow made in the lake as a good sign. This lake was never so calm, clear water, hiccups and waves attract people all year round, today When an image of an arrow appearing in the lake Naini was found in the shadow of the hills above the Mall road and the cold road, such a shape does not form every day, these arrows are probably showing an expectation in the midst of the havoc of Corona today. To avoid it, it is important to keep distance, it is also necessary to wash hands repeatedly. The arrow embossed in the skin is probably indicating that the corona can be beaten with water. Rona can be driven out of this world.


Whatever the believers believe but no one can turn from reality, life cannot be imagined on earth without water, today water is really contributing to the escape of the corona. Understand.


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