Food and Travel have a very close bond. Some would say they are like movies and popcorn, ice cream and cone; one can be had without the other, but where’s the fun in that? 

There are those that become wanderers and travel far and wide in search of the best food experiences, and there are those that sit in the confines of their home kitchens and cook up a storm. While we merge these two, we get a third type – the Food Bloggers. And India has produced them in spades. Indian food is so vast in its scope; filled with tastes, flavours, layers and textures of a million different kinds. And we might not know all of them, but we may find our way towards enlightenment with some of the masters who do. So here we have compiled a list of the top Indian Food Bloggers, in no particular order. For they scourge, they cook, they plate, they travel, they eat; to satisfy their souls as well as their readers. 

Happy reading, and happy drooling!


Food in India showcases ingredients and preparation techniques perfected over centuries and honed according to various religious beliefs, ancient traditions and centuries of global influences, as well as the dynamics of contemporary trends. Most famous of all is India’s unmatched mastery of spices. Delving into the culinary complexities of India might mean researching recipes to prepare at home, or it could mean planning a trip to India in search of the real thing.

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